Breathes New Life
into Pulmonary and Respiratory Care

WheezeX is building a digital biomarker platform that leverages novel, multi-sensor devices and proprietary algorithms to detect early signs of disease and guide personalized therapy


Point of Care Diagnostics

Mining raw bio-signals for unprecedented visibility into Pulmonary and Respiratory function

Built on over a decade of research, our team has developed an advanced signal processing pipeline to identify pre-symptomatic markers of respiratory disease.

Care Navigation

Built on over a decade of research, our team has developed an advanced signal processing pipeline to identify pre-symptomatic markers of respiratory disease.

Clinical Trials

WheezeX Decentralized Trial Options are Changing Respiratory Research

Respiratory studies have an additional layer of complexity in that they do not typically involve healthy volunteers. In these cases, study populations may include patients with various levels of disease burden — even those with severe situations, such as end-stage respiratory failure. Therefore, in a traditional respiratory clinical trial model, accessibility is typically low while patient burden is very high.

Occupational Health

Affordable, portable and self-administrable WheezeX products enables identify, localize source of damage, infections and lung function assessment

Health Engagement & Self-Managing

WheezeX programs activate, prepare, empower, and support individuals to act on the desirable behaviors to positively influence outcomes. WheezeX programs are designed to simplify the process of behavior change for both the patients and the health care professionals involved. The realities of daily living are put into strategic focus, allowing an individual to embrace change and enjoy the process of making the changes in their lives.

Advanced Diagnostic
Acoustic and Imaging

WheezeX advanced sensing technologies and computational resources enables development of acoustic-based and imaging-based diagnostic solutions. In these methods, the acoustic signals and images are usually recorded and analyzed using various signal processing, machine learning, convolutional neural networks and computational methods.

The rigorous data analysis and physiological understandings can eventually support any state of art pulmonary and respiratory care health monitoring and point-of-care solutions.

Benefits of WheezeX Feature Engineering


Virtual Patient Care improvement


Diagnosis and Predictive improvement


Medical Imaging Interpretation betterment


Reduce repetitive Medical Imaging

What our ‘WheezeX’ Algorithms as a Service Model talks about WheezeX AaaS provides a model for distributing, operating and monetizing algorithms supporting third party applications.

“Winning in the future of AI MedTech”

MedTech companies are well-positioned to drive the future of health, but most cannot do it alone. They should instead partner with specialized digital health AI Engineering companies to meet the changing market.

“A Bridge Between Research and App Developers”

Offers native mechanism for authoring, publishing and operationalizing algorithms in a few hours without the need of investing in heavy infrastructure.

“Algorithm Monetization”

Traditionally, there hasn’t been a clear path in academic or industry environments that allow researchers to monetize algorithms in an easy manner.

“From Algorithms to APIs in No Time”

Creating unique algorithms is hard but using them programmatically could also be painful. AaaS offers native mechanisms to expose algorithms via programmatic APIs that can be used from any language or platform.