In addition to the assessment of respiration acoustics using sensing systems, WheezeX also supports numerical models to investigate the sound transmission and vibration propagation within the respiratory system. Clinical investigations of flow through the lung airways are challenging because of the complex geometry of lung airways, the transient nature of the airflow during the respiration cycle, and difficulties in locating small obstructions induced by the chronic pulmonary diseases in the medical images. Numerical models can provide a comprehensive analysis of flow, which can potentially help explain airflow complications and support medical decision-making.

WheezeX Pulmonary AI Imaging Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we perform advanced imaging. From high-resolution image reconstruction to predicting functional response from clinically acquired data, WheezeX AI solutions are promising to revolutionize clinical evaluation of lung performance, pushing the boundary in pulmonary functional imaging for patients suffering from respiratory conditions.


Model transparency

Model robustness

Unlocking data silos

WheezeX Machine learning models link imaging, functional, biomarkers, and multiomics data that can advance understanding of the complex and intimate connection between structure and function