Platform based Ecosystem can bring together ecosystem participants to build new business models that cocreate goods and services, enable wider customer reach, access to new capabilities, and increase revenue.

Our approach in implementing

Pulmonary Care Ecosystem

  • Clear strategic direction
  • Cultural transformations
  • Collaborating with the right partners
  • having Technological know-how

WheezeX – Wise Up Platform

Leading Acoustic & Imaging computation Pulmonary Hub provider of Non-invasive solutions that helps in Diagnosis & Monitoring of Pulmonary Lesions and Nodes.

WheezeX Multi-channel Patient Engagement

Our WheezeX solutions can provide measurable benefits, pivoting trust and adaptability

Accelerated Access: Improve patient access to therapy and provide high-touch, consistent patient interactions across shared business processes and therapeutic programs

Informed Patient Insights: Increase insights into patient treatment and interactions to demonstrate value to health plans and improve drug efficacy.

Enhanced Healthcare Provider Partnerships: Provide value through shared patient insights and a platform for care team collaboration to facilitate interactions between providers and patients.

Improved Adherence: Leverage tools to engage and educate patients; act proactively to help ensure product, therapy, and care plan adherence, and reduce discontinuation.

Data Interoperability: enabling patients and multiple stakeholders connected with real-time insights

Provides You real insights

  • Helps you understand what may be causing your lesions, nodes, wheezes and crackles, so you can live a more active life
  • Schedule
  • Analysis & Predictions
  • Monitoring pre-existing/underlying conditions
  • Medication efficiency- Prognosis scaling
  • Referral to further Scanning – Chest X-Ray, CT-Scan etc